Tie Dye, Markets and Games

Hope everyone is doing good and loving the weather when it is not raining. We have been busy busy busy. We have the Farmer’s Market in Cambridge, MD going full steam. Every Thursday from 3pm-6pm you can check out all of our inventory and put in your custom orders.
We also are releasing a new product made from recycled plastic bags. We have made them into farmer’s market baskets for everyone to enjoy.
When we aren’t at the market we are back at our place filing these wholesale orders. Tammy’s Cool Things in Trappe, MD has been giving us wholesale order after wholesale order trying to keep her shop stock full of our tie dyes. Good thing for us they are going fast. Bad for you all cause these one of a kind shirts are only in stock for a short time.
Squirrel Pit opened their new location in Easton, MD and has just placed a order for new tie dyes. If you are in Easton go check them out at the Easton Market Square. They have wonderful snow-cones.

And the last update for now is about our twitch.tv stream. We just upgraded to a better headset and mic so we hope to get rid of the humming noise that was with my voice with our last set up. We also have grown our list of games we stream.

Our Current List:
Banished – Counter Strike – Day of Defeat – Delver – Democracy 3 – Don’t Starve – Fistful of Frags – Game Dev Tycoon – Garry’s Mod – Half-Life 2 (deathmatch) – Killing Floor – No More Room In Hell – Pixel Piracy – Postal 1 & 2 – Project Zomboid – RimWorld – RUST – Starbound – Team Fortress 2 – Teleglitch – You Have To Win The Game -

remember to do all the social jazz and follows. and always enjoy the day you have.

What’s going on!?

What has been up with us? Tie Dye!
The Farmer’s Market in Cambridge, MD has kicked off on May 1st and will continue every Thursday until October 16th.  We will always be adding new items every week and offering free face painting.

We have also got the live stream of gaming back up and running. Its looking good, and are game selection keeps growing. You can enjoy some games while also interacting with Hemp Wrapped Bus. Doing things like making suggestions on what to pick and do in games or even join us online and play with us.

You can catch all the Farmers Market News and Pic on facebook.com/HempWrappedBus

All of our live gaming over at twitch.tv/HempWrappedBus